"Our family wanted to continue enjoying our farm, but wanted to realize some of the economic benefits of owning land in a rapid growth area. Rowdy helped us carve out some parcels to sale while looking at the big picture of maintaining the existing and future use of the remainder of our farm. He has been a great asset for us and continues to help us with our real estate needs."

James and Art Schroeder
Schroeder Bros. & Marion

Proverbs 15:22 "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed."
About Cadre
When trying to determine a fitting name for an organization that was being set up to offer intelligent and tailored real estate solutions to clients that are seeking value within a foundation of trust, integrity and managed risk, I knew that it should be inspirational and have relevance to the philosophy of the organization.

I started with looking at my name: Rowdy Ray Montgomery. As you can imagine I moved off of that pretty quickly. "Rowdy Development" or "Rowdy Realty" did not conjure up the image I was looking for. What better place to go for inspiration then my precious children. McKenna Rae Montgomery and Logan Cade Montgomery. In a moment or two the two middle names came together Cade-Rae.

The inspiration was in place, but was it relevant? From the combination, I took the word Cadre, which works quite well. According to Webster: one paraphrased definition of Cadre is "a nucleus or core group of trained personnel able to assume control and to train or lead others".

The most effective real estate solutions often stem from the idea of a single person, but one person rarely, if ever, realizes them. At Cadre Development, LLC our goal is to seek out and coordinate with the right team or "Cadre" to deliver the maximum value in the most efficient manner possible.

In some cases this may only mean collaborating with a client's lawyer, accountant and the local governing body. In other cases it requires the thoughtful selection and effective management of a complete development team. Each team member with their unique skills is critical to the overall success of the best real estate solutions. Throughout the process of developing and delivering the right solution, the Team or Cadre works in a collaborative environment that is lead by an experienced and capable Cadre Development, LLC principal.
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